Scissor trolley for loading / unloading vans

For loading and unloading vans ans small trucks, the usual systems available (forklift, transpallet, loading ramp) are not suitable for loading a pallet on a van. These problems and needs that usually arise:

  • Usually, palet enters in the van with just a minimal space available, this makes the lateral manipulation of the pallet to be difficult.
  • Loading with a forklift is taking risks of having a crash or damages in the load or the truck. A forklift is not designed to load vans.
  • The height of loading docks is usually between 1200 and 1600mm. The load height of vans and vehicles is much lower, the lip of the loading dock wont reach the truck and / or the lip width is greater than the truck box.
  • Tipically delivery places dont have a proper handling equipment for unloading vans o small truck, the ideal would be to handle loads without depending on third party (clients, providers).
  • I need a system that takes minimum space on the truck.
carretilla de tijera

Trolley in closed position (hiden scissors).

To solve this issues, this electric scissor lifting table can be a great solutions to fill your needs:

  • Load / unload paletised loads in your van without any help in seconds.
  • This equipment handles loads up to 250kgs.
  • Closed height 268mm, máx lift form floor 800mm
  • Battery and integrated charger included.
  • Simple us, ergonomic design. You can charge it with the 12V of your car.
  • As an option, we can provide straps and extra batteries.
  • Take note that, when the load is inside the van, the lifting table rests on its base, not on the wheels.

Pictures showing different actions with this equipment

This equipment is made in Germany, price starting at 4500€ plus transport (it requires an industrial using to make it profitable). CE marked, this equipment is available in 2/3 weeks. If you have a query please fell free to  contact us .